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5 Ways to “Save" on Dining-Out

三月 09 2011 Published by under EZ心情

Dining-out has always been a luxury in our everyday lives, no matter how budget-minded we are. Here are some ways you can save and enjoy the night without the crazy price.

1. Look for “Kid’s Night Deals"

If you have younger kids, scout out for “kids nights" deal in your local listing. Many restaurants offer some sort of  kids meal scheme one night a week.

2. Pick your time wisely,  especially from Prime Time Dining

If you feel dinner is too expensive and your dying to try out this really expensive restaurant, my recommendation  is go during lunch. Many restaurants offers the exact dinner menu during lunch, but for nearly half the price!

3. Senior Discounts

Restaurants usually offers a 10% senior discounts to senior citizens by just producing identification showing their date of birth. They usually offers senior discounts on a specific nights of the week. Check your local listings for special promotions on senior citizen discounts.

4. Reward Points

If you use your credit card often, you probably have a reward program which offers restaurants gift certificate in exchange for your reward points.

5. Become a “Mystery Shopper"

Now, this one is my personal favorite… There are several places you can sign-up secretly eat at restaurants and give feedback on there service, quality, etc.  Mostly this is supply with one free meal as payment (cash-value coupon).

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