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EZTABLE 暑期實習生方案開跑! (summer internship)

四月 29 2011 Published by under EZ心情, 實習生計畫 (Internship Program)


(圖片為喜來登飯店點心坊替 EZTABLE 打造的奧地利經典蛋糕-Share Cake,感謝知名部落客 Irene 拍攝)

春季實習生計畫非常成功, 7 位分別來自台藝大電影系的 Sigi、台大會計的 Cherry、淡江資傳的品萱、大同工業設計所的何封、元智資管的 Jim、台大財金的映璇、和台大農化的姿元。他們個個把自己當成創業家,一個月的時間,已成功自行設計並推出母親節蛋糕,賣到台北喜來登飯店點心坊主廚做到手軟;把全台灣 24小時皆可訂位之餐廳結合 Google Map 呈現;把原本只網路販售的蛋糕,成功和實體餐廳合作而產生門市通路等等。

接下來暑假我要繼續堅持實習生是公司未來的理念,邀請更多學生加入我們 summer internship program! 更特殊的是,組成將會非常國際化,目前已經有 2 位分別來自美國麻省理工學院和哈佛大學,1 位來自南美洲的智利,1 位則來自菲律賓。我希望能夠讓更多不同成長背景文化下長大的學生聚在一起,激盪出更多不同的觀念和做法。更重要的,我始終深信多元化(diversity)是新創公司成功的重要條件之一(Facebook 美國辦公室有來自 60幾個國家的員工),再加上我們也即將準備拓展海外市場,所以就算你有兵役考量,甚至你是中國大陸的學生,我們都照樣歡迎你申請,因為 EZTABLE 是一個立足台灣、放眼全世界的新創公司。
(P.S. 如果你已經畢業了,但對新創公司很有興趣,也可以參考我們的理念,和工作機會


We’re looking for Customer Development & Business Development interns for summer 2011.

www.eztable.com.tw) provides 24hrs restaurant online reservation service for diners & reservation management applications (iPad, iPhone & Android) for restaurateurs. We’re a small, (~15 smart ppl), hardcore startup based in Taipei.

We think the best way for you to learn about CD & BD is to “actually do it," and that’s what this internship will be about. You’ll be creating and building something totally new, not just getting coffee or preparing docs.

What we can offer you:

  • Independence/teamwork – we’re all entrepreneurs here. Nobody wants to micromanage you. We like to work with smart and ambitious people.
  • support & mentorship – we will do everything we can to support you and share with you.
  • BD experience – everyone is unbeatable even thou restaurateurs try to reject us sometimes, and we get stuff done fast
  • CD experience – you will deploy live products and learn how to attract users and we get stuff done fast.
  • great industry – if you are addicted to food, lots lots of food, here is the place to take advantage of

What we are looking for:

  • initiative – you should have built something (anything) outside of work/school
  • passion – this will be a crazy, non-stop challenging, tough summer, but you will learn a lot
  • programming/designing skills (CD only) – we need great programmers & designers.

These are full-time, non-paid internships onsite at our Taipei office near Taipei main station.

To apply, please email to career@eztable.com.tw with a simple and straightforward resume about yourself.

P.S. It’s ok if you don’t speak good mandarin. Our team speak sign language in many ways. We can teach you mandarin in exchange of other languages.

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Alex Chen,
Co-Founder & CEO

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