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“What If" there is 7-11 Vending machine-like kiosks near you

五月 24 2011 Published by under EZ心情

You know how electronic retailer Best Buy picked up a trend of installing vending machine-like kiosks machines in airports, supermarkets, department stores, and etc. in order to stress travelers who left there cellphone charger or need a last minute gift for friends and relatives. These products can vary from mp3 to gaming console has been a big hit in the United States, you no longer have to go in a retailer store to purchase these products.

Now here is the “What If"; What if you can purchase all the goodies goodies you get at a 7-11 at one of these vending machines like for example “tv dinner." You don’t have to walk your ass all they way to a nearest convenient store and line-up to purchase whatever your purchasing. Also, it saves the convenient store a lot of money, and lower cost on opening chains and human resource. Online reservation is just like this kiosk; you now longer have to call the restaurant to make a reservation, you can just one click of a button and your reservation is made simple as that.



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