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Nice to finally meet you Mr. Jobs

六月 16 2011 Published by under EZ心情

Recently I went out with a friend of mine for lunch, lets call her “April"; shared a very interesting story to me about her friend “June." How this story begin was, April’s friend June who just graduated from Stanford University not to long ago, and was looking for a career in the Tech industry. So “June" applied to all the big tech companies in Silicon Valley, and she passed all the interviews including the interview with “Apple Inc."  Now, this is where the interesting part kicks inn. “June" got an offer from “Apple Inc" but she turned the offer down. The next day, June got an unexpected phone call  from Steve Jobs asking her if she is free for a cup of coffee somewhere in Palo Alto tomorrow.  So its the “day off" the meeting, they sat down at a near by coffee shop, and Steve Job pop a shocking question which was, why she turned down Apple’s job offer.

After hearing this incredible story I was shocked. The first thing that came into my mind was wow, how the hell did Steve Jobs the CEO of Apple found out some tiny little thing like that!!! That’s just unbelievable!!! He is just so different from other CEOs. It makes sense why Apple is doing so well and successful in the hands of Mr. Jobs. Their is a lesson to be learn here, that is no matter if we are the CEO or not of the company we still need to know whats going on in our company and we also need to think of ourselves as an equal.


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