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The Secret to Wolfgang Puck’s Legacy

九月 08 2011 Published by under EZ心情

Back in 2008, Forbes magazine put the Austrian-born patriarch of celebrity chefdom annual earnings at approximately $16 million. So everyone is asking, what’s his secret to building a culinary empire?

“It’s never just the food," he said. “I could go into the dining room today and talk with the people for 10 minutes and they would prefer that than if I stayed in the kitchen and cooked their pasta or their meat or their fish and then never came out and said hello."

Puck, immigrated to United States in the 1970’s see’s America to be a land of opportunity. So, he said, I’m going to come to America make some money and then maybe go back and retire in Europe somewhere. Little did he know, in America you have to work very hard to move forward."

And move forward he did. Today, in his 60’s, Puck is the owner of  more than 17 fine dining restaurants, the author of six cookbooks, and has recently opened Wolfgang Puck Expresses in airports and Wolfgang Puck Bistros, which offer “fast casual" service during the day and table service at night.

He also sells a line of pots and pans on the Home Shopping Network and a line of prepared foods including tomato soup and frozen pizzas.  He caters giant events like the Grammys and Oscars.

The Wolfgang Puck Philosophy is, “whether you join us for a casual-bite or a leisurely dining experience, every meal will be a memorable event and a celebration of Wolfgang’s Eat, Love, Live™ (WELL)."


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