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Believe, Passion, Motivation, Grow

十一月 01 2011 Published by under EZ心情

About two weeks ago I did a sharing about my past 3 years experience as a BD team member of EZTABLE because I was about to expand our business model to China. During the first part of the speech I shared my past career, I worked in a lot of fields; life insurance, mobile phone sales rep., English instructor at a cram school, Hotel management, Bartender etc. you name it. When I looked back at all these things I did, I never felt any “passion” in them.  To me, these are just a routine “job” that I have to do not a “career.” I find that you must need to “believe and you will have “passion” in what you do in order for yourself to be “motivated” and “grow.” Like what Steve Jobs says in his biography, “Your goal should be making something you believe in and making a company that will last.” I believe that this is true, because you must first believe in it yourself before you make other people believe it too. Don’t ever treat people as they are dumb or stupid because they can see it; so be honest and truthful when you are presenting whatever you want to sale. They will see your “passion” and “believe” what you want them to believe, then you have succeeded halfway, after that it is all execution from then on. Also, never think about getting rich to begin with; that will come after when you believe in something because you will make it happen.


During the second part of the speech, I shared about how I was surprised that EZTABLE actually took off in Taiwan. Why I said that? because back in the states we always make reservation first before we head over to the restaurant. Why? because from point A to point B usually takes up to 30 min. driving. So if one place is packed you will have to drive another 30 min to get to another place. That’s why we need to make reservation up front before we head over. Taiwan is such a convenient country, if one restaurant is pack you just walked to the restaurant right next to it.  So, it’s shocking that EZTABLE actually took off in Taiwan. And now, as we are on track in Taiwan, let’s make it happen in China. GO EZTABLE!!


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