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What is the Difference Between BD vs. Sales at EZTABLE

十一月 24 2011 Published by under EZ心情

A couple weeks ago, I had dinner with two other friends here in Shanghai and the topic of what the difference between business development vs. sales were. I simply said, a business development believes  in “building and growing"  a long term business/friendship relationship with its partners/clients where as a sales is an “act of selling” a product or service in return for money or other compensation.

What does “sales” mean when just starting out?  Regardless of the type of product or business model, you need customers that will try your very early product, provide feedback and help you understand/validate your market.  However, the way you go about it will be very different.  Consumer oriented products do not rely on one-to-one direct selling, but leverages marketing, word of mouth and resellers to draw in the widest possible audience.  In contrast, business-to-business (B2B) oriented products do require direct sales and channel partnerships.




At EZTABLE, all our sales personal are all “business development.” Why? Because we simply just do not like to be called “sales” (No just kiddin’)!! Well…why aren’t we call sales, it is because we believe that we are building something with a passion with our partners rather than selling them something and that is the end of it. Every partners is unique because every individual partners asks for different things. For example, The Diamond Tony’s Italian Restaurant on the 85th floor of the 101 building has a panorama view of the Taipei city, request a customize three day in advance pre-paid deposit for all their window view seats. Another different characteristic between business development and sales is: “we believe in our cause that we are doing great things that will change everything.” It relates back to my previous article that I wrote about, “Believe, Passion, Motivation, Grow.” Every business development and customer development team at EZTABLE believes “we are creating great things, great products, and great service with a passion."


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