EZTABLE IDEAS 是 EZTABLE 成員揮灑熱情和大家分享專業及創意的網誌。 EZTABLE 讓消費者 24 小時都可以在網路訂位全台灣最優質的餐廳,同時提供餐廳經營者 e 化的訂位管理系統 (雲端、iPad、智慧型手機)

EZTABLE Just Build Great Products and Services

十二月 19 2011 Published by under EZ心情

I would like to begin by saying, “We at EZTABLE just build great products and services.” Why? Because we take full responsibility for all user experience, making our products/services easy-to-use and we believe in providing end-to-end solution.

Why do our partners believe in EZTABLE?

We tell our partners that we at EZTABLE provide a total solution of software and services that is easy-to-use. The question that we ask ourselves is “why” we are providing this product/service not “what” product/service we are providing.  Now to answer the “why,” the answer is simple; because we believe that we are truly providing a solution to their problems. After that, it is like riding a bicycle through a park; we tell our partners that we can accomplish great things together, and build a long lasting relationship. That is what we do at EZTABLE, we just build great product and services.

Why do consumers use EZTABLE?

There are lots of reasons I believe why consumers use EZTABLE, that I am just going to briefly summarize a few. First, we provide the best restaurant in town; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week easy-to-use reservation services. You can simply download our Apps whether it is for iphone, android or you can go on: www.eztable.com.tw to make reservations and last but not least it is very user-friendly. Second, you can easily access restaurant general information to see what’s hot and new about our partner restaurants, for example you can see the latest special value deals exclusively for EZTABLE users. Thirdly, If you do not know where to dine, we have great recommendation for all different types of occasions, whether is for business, dating, or friends gathering, EZTABLE has it all covered. Last but not least, we just build great product and services.


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