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What Makes a Good Presentation Under 5 Minutes

二月 07 2012 Published by under EZ心情

Recently I been re-watching dozens of times Steve Jobs,“Macbook Air keynote” to help me build a better presentation under 5 minutes. It’s so amazing how Steve Jobs does it. He started of with saying, “There’s something in the air” that is such a catchy phrase to begin a presentation, then the next phrase he said, “what is it? Well, as you know Apple makes the best notebook on the planet.” This phrase differentiate, “Apple” and its competitors How? Apple is just different, and innovative; they  just make the best, how can you beat that!! With these two phrase its “nuf said” That’s all consumers have to hear.  After that its all technical stuff , the world’s thinnest notebook blah blah blah… in the end Steve jobs said “we are pricing this notebook at $1799 and pre-order starts today shipping in two weeks etc. That’s just how good Steve says, “Do you want to buy one!" I have no doubt every company can make the same product, look at Acer, Dell, Asus etc. they all coming out with a ultrabook notebook. All the tech. companies have the same access to the same talent, the same agency, the same consultant, the same media, then why is it that they have something different? I think the answer to that is because  Apple was the first, and Apple was also the first to give the “why". That’s just how your presentation should be like: simple, easy to understand, why we believe we are different and unique from our competitor, tell  it like a story, and do you want to buy one, that’s it!! Doesn’t that sound so much inspiring?!


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