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El Willy on The Bund Shanghai

六月 22 2012 Published by under EZ心情

South Bund 22,
5/F, 22 Zhongshan Dong Lu,
near Jinling Lu

One of my recent restaurant visit in Shanghai this week was the newly relocated mid range Spanish restaurant “El Willy” on the by “Willy” Trullas Moreno. El Willy’s style of cooking is said to be more of a contemporary than the traditional Spanish style. I got the privilege to meet with their new marketing manager Ana Garcia; she just recently moved to shanghai from Barcelona ‘cuz her husband found a job out here in shanghai. She told me that she’s now taking chinese & english classes out here ‘cuz  she didn’t have to use a lot of English back in Barcelona; very nice women.  I also had the opportunity to introduce our EZTABLE Solution to Mrs. Garcia; she was very impressed. Hopefully EZTABLE well have the opportunity to partner with El Willy in the not to distant future.


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