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CaliBurger Shanghai

八月 06 2012 Published by under EZ心情

98 Yanping Lu,
延平路98号, Shanghai

As we Southern Californians living in Taiwan knows there is no In-N-OUT out here in asia, BUT we do have Cali Burger in shanghai. Of all the burger joint places I had out here, I find CaliBurger to be the most authentic burger joint to In-N-OUT I had so far. Since you’re in Shanghai, you realize that you could order a combo meal with a cheese burger with fries and a beverage of your choice – coke, sprite, milkshake, beer, or wine. Heck you could even get spiked milkshake with bourbon. As you walk-in, you get a feeling that you might have stepped into a 50′s diner with the checker board tiles.

So, I ordered the double, which essentially is the double double (double meat and double cheese). The burger arrived as if it was made to be shot in advertisements. It looked absolutely perfect – with the bun, cheese, and meat centered perfectly. My first bite of the Double I was in tears!!! My Experience of In-N-OUT was all coming back again!!! I was like holy Sh*t this taste really like In-N-OUT!!!! The fries I think wasn’t as good as In-n-OUT fries thou. They were the fresh potato cuts ones you find in the US. Overall I give Caliburger an 90% authenticity.


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