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Retention Marketing

八月 27 2012 Published by under EZ心情

The Probability of selling a product or service to an existing customers is 60-70 percent and probability of selling to new prospect is 5-20 percent (from marketing metrics).  Research also shows that a 10 percent increase in customer retention results in 30 percent increase in the value of the company.  Especially in SaaS  business. Anyone working at a SaaS business knows that churn and customer renewals are critical metrics for the business.

Before any PUSH, or viral you’d better make sure what strategy to “retain” your customers. In the Internet industry, users will eventually leave your site, or close your app and once they leave, mostly like they will never come back. So, before they leave, you must grasp that valuable 3-6 minutes and perform your retention marketing strategy.

Obtain Retention Marketing Channel 

– Get customer Email

-Invite Customers to join the fan group

– Invite to subscribe to your blog

– Recommend customers to download your App

– Invite customers to join Facebook Societies

– Ask customer to give you an “Push Notification permissions”

Manage Retention Marketing

– Send newsletter on a daily basis

– One-on-one email contact

– Send newsletter to users that haven’t been returning

– Updated your fan page on a daily basis; provide valuable information to your customer

– Update your Blog everyday; share valuable information to your customer

– Often update your App; to help provide customers with valuable information

– Manage your Facebook community, “Make sure you bring value to them”

– Mange your customer Friends, “Make sure you bring value to them”

– Push relevant and useful information to App users  and bring value to them


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