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“What does it mean to cook food well? 你覺得把食物煮好的定義是什麼?



Late Nights

by Michael P.

“They say the 3 most stressful events in life are death, divorce and moving. I am the grim reaper of the latter category, your moving truck driver. The guy who makes sure his crew is always motivated while constantly reminding new guys that when you ride with me you will never ever steal from my customers unless you want to be kicked out of a truck driving at 80mph. I am the guy expecting a $100 tip, the guy working off the clock jobs the boss will never know about and the guy who you trusted all your worldly possessions to. You do not know my past and you only know me by the nickname I gave you at the door.

I get home after midnight more than I’d like to. My back and knees are numb with medication, my hands and arms full of small cuts and wounds. Without fail my wife has a plate of food wrapped in foil waiting for me in the refrigerator that I microwave while taking a quick shower. I’ll get out, grab a beer and sit down to enjoy my meal by myself in a quiet apartment while everyone is asleep. It’s not the ideal dinner setting but damn does it taste good. The arroz con pollo is cooked perfectly and a small side of tostones is topped with a spicy pico de gallo. It tastes like home, a place I’ve been dreaming about all day.

I slide into bed making sure not to look at the clock, out of fear the knowledge that I’ll only have 3 or 4 hours to sleep might make me stare at the ceiling until the alarm goes off. I give my wife a kiss, tell her I love her and thank her for the meal. I close my eyes.










By Cindy Hsiao

Business Development




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