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Introduction to some French Dinning Rules

九月 24 2013 Published by under 飲食文化, 餐飲知識

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我叫雷諾,我是法國人也是UTBM的學生,我在EZTABLE工作 (intern as assistant engineer).


Who has never dreamed in front of french movie when they start to have a delicious dinner.

First of all, Do you have an Idea why French like this much to have a dinner at home and like invite family and friend to have dinner there ? Because we are mingy and restaurants are too expensive in France.

Anyway, we have a lot of the traditional rules for dinner in France, people use this more and less depend on the family and it’s also depend on the kind of people you are dinner with (family, friend, business, your girlfriend’s family …). So you have to know these rules and then you have to respect at least as rules as the host.

If someone invites you for dinner it’s nice to bring a gift for him (her) like a wine bottle or flowers. But the best gift is to bring with you your smile and your happiness.

If I have to sum up some rules, the most important for you as you are foreigner is: don’t use your phone or read anything during a meal, don’t leave the table (go to the restroom before or try to wait the end of the meal) and try not to make the kind of disgusting noise with your mouth.

Some important french word you can try to practice:

  • Bonjour (good morning and good afternoon)
  • Bonsoir (good evening)
  • Bon Appetit (enjoy your meal, also to say you can start to eat)
  • S’il vous plait / S’il te plait (請您/請妳, please您/please妳)
  • Merci 謝謝
  • Au revoir 再見
French dinning rules from renaud jollet de lorenzo


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