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French expressions : Vegetable Power

十月 04 2013 Published by under EZTABLE 活動, 飲食文化


As you may know French as Taiwanese like to eat and enjoy the food. So a lot of French expressions are more or less linked with the food. I’m going to introduce you some expressions and then you can try to guess the meaning (or you can cheat and ask you friend you favorite search engine). If you like this article please let me know and I will be happy to learn some Taiwanese expressions about food.

First I’m gonna tell you some French expressions and then the translation word by word in English. So that might sounds weird in English.

  • Avoir un cœur d’artichaut (have an artichoke heart)

  • Mi figue, mi raisin (Half fig, half grape)

  • La fin des haricots (The end of the beans)

  • Tomber dans les pommes (Fall in apples)

  • Presser quelqu’un comme un citron (Press someone like a lemon)

  • Faire chou blanc (Make a white cabbage)

  • Être une bonne poire (be a good pear)

  • Raconter des salades (Telling salads)

  • Apporter des oranges à (quelqu’un) (Bring oranges to (someone))

  • Tirer les marrons du feu (Pull the chestnuts out of the fire)

  • Les carottes sont cuites (The carrots are cooked)


And now I will give you the meaning in the wrong order. Then you can try to guess which meaning fit with which expression.


  • Go to see someone in jail or in hospital

  • Take advantages of a situation

  • Conk

  • To lie

  • Be satisfied and unsatisfied at the same time.

  • fully exploit someone

  • Being a sucker

  • All is lost, no hope at all

  • It’s the end of everythings.

  • Be really kind

  • Fail something, win nothing


Do you feel enough smart to guess ? 加油



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