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Yes! I want my coffee – differences between popular types of coffees

十月 14 2014 Published by under EZ心情, 飲食文化, 餐飲知識


You must have wondered what the difference between all these coffee drinks when you got to a coffee shop, latte, macchiato, cappuccino….etc.  You see other people ordering some “fancy” drinks with a long name, and the server knows exactly what it is.  After reading this, you will have a quick understanding about the differences between each popular coffee drinks.


Espresso vs. Coffee


Espresso and Coffee are both made from coffee beans (isn’t it obvious?).  Espresso is made by using high pressure to force hot water through grounded coffee.  It usually produces about 1-1.5 ounce of espresso that is dark brown and thick.  The brewing time is a lot shorter than brewing coffee.

Shots of eespresso


 Coffee is dripping hot water slowly through the grounded coffee.  The same amount of grounded coffee will produce less volume of espresso; a serving of espresso is about 1-1.5 ounce (about 50 mg of caffeine when a serving of coffee is about 8 ounce (about 80 mg of caffeine). But for same volume, espresso has more concentrated caffeine content.

Is this enough for you to power your day? hahaha


Coffee Drink Types


Following chart is some coffee drinks are popular.   They are all drinks based with espresso, and the differences are they mixed with different amount of milk foam, milk, and water.

*Milk Foam- made by milk adding lot of air into it

*Steam milk – made by steaming it


Lastly, you can add your favorite flavors to your coffee, such as peppermint chocolate syrup, caramel, vanilla, etc.  You can enjoy your coffee iced or hot.  More importantly, it keeps your smile on your face for the day!


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