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What do we do at EZTABLE?

十二月 29 2014 Published by under EZ心情

Hi! I am Yessica, I am Indonesian and I have been working in EZTABLE for 6 months already!! Yes, 6 months might sounded short for some of you, but to me, the past 6 months have felt like years ride in a rocket. Two most frequent questions that many of my friends and relatives have asked and will continue asking are “What do you do at EZTABLE?”, and “What do you learn from working at EZTABLE?”


I have always answered those two questions mostly with “many things”, or “all kind of things”. So, I thought I’ll take this chance to think back and write in words what I have been doing and what I have learnt from the past 6 months.


First, I learnt one important skill set you’ll need regardless on what and where you work: problem solving. Having good strong problem solving skills can make a huge difference to your career. Problems are at the center of we do at work every day in EZTABLE. We solve problems and change our focus accordingly. Of course, when there are way too many problems, it could be overwhelming. So, we set our focus weekly and target to grow at least 5%. It is not easy, but it is fun and challenging.


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Second, I got the opportunities to meet and be friends with amazing people at EZTABLE. Some of these friends are not just friends to me, they are also my family in Taiwan. They are the ones who accompanied my lonely days when I miss my family. They are the ones who work hard and strive with me to grow 5% weekly.


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The next time anyone ask me those questions, I’ll have my answers ready. At EZTABLE, I solve problem daily and I enjoy each moment with the great team I’m working with. With this set of mind, I hope that I can contribute in bringing the best dining experience to our users all over Asia.





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