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Why I want to work in EZTABLE

五月 16 2016 Published by under EZTABLE 活動



To propose a project and make it happen is something quite common here. It’s awesome when you realize you can be part of the change itself, and the motives are not because your supervisor ask you to do so but you know you OWN it.


Team members:


When you want to accomplish something big, it’s not enough just you working hard but it needs a teamwork, the team members are totally supportive! No matter he/she is a college or a senior manager, titles actually don’t matter that much when it comes to teamwork. The people I am working with are such wonderful individuals that I can learn from as well as rely on.


EZTABLE Culture:


As our CEO Alex Chen shared before, the CARS culture is not just some fancy, fluffy words written on office wall or in emails, it’s embedded in our daily operations, company goals.


These are the three reasons why I feel proud to tell my family, my friends I worked in EZTABLE and what I found so attractive to me!


Wanna be one of us? Join us now! !


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