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Charismatic Thai food

八月 10 2016 Published by under EZTABLE 活動

Owing to the exotic traditional Thai culinary experiences that I’ve perceived from time to time since birth, to express to you all my proud culture is my priority. Regarding to the varied geographical benefits throughout the country, Thai foods have been created from the differentiations of these regions, north, south, east, and west included.

Northern Thai Food

Starting with one of my favorite Thai culinary style, Northern, its style represent the long period of prosperous Lanna empire. Influenced by the neighbor countries, Thai exotic northern foods have consisted of the blend of Myanmar, Laos, Southern China and others. “Khao-Soi”, noodles curry with chicken or meat, “Ka-nom Cheen naam-ngew”, fast food style serving of rice noodles with chicken and exotic northern Thai herb flower ”Ngew”, and “Naam-prick Noom” young green chili paste in northern style, all reminds me the taste of the legendary and incomparable culinary local experience when I was with my colleagues in the local and in Bangkok with “Kan-tok” the definitely serving Thai northern portion. Once you are in the Northern Thai restaurants, you will understand what I’m trying to say.

Recommended Northern Thai restaurant on EZTABLE app

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North-eastern Thai Food

Undeniably, “Isan”, Thai north-eastern food style is quite definitely different than the North. According to their geography, climate, and other living conditions. Isan food can be termed as one of the colorful varieties of all Thai foods. Spicy, sour, and tasty tastes are classified as the conditions that my foreign colleagues decribe before ordering. But, if your Thai dining experiences don’t involve some spiciness, it wouldn’t be real Thai anyway. “Som-tum, gai-yang” spicy papaya salad with grilled chicken served with sweet and sour tamarind source, “Naam-tok muu” spicy grilled pork salad, and “Tom-saab kra-dook-moo”, spicy and sour soup of pork spare-rib, are always on my lists of when dining with any easy-going occasion along with my colleagues or family. Let’s focus on another benefit of spicy food, its can sweat and burn your fat to make you more healthy, though.   

Recommended North-eastern Thai restaurant in Bangkok on, EZTABLE app

  • Madam Saranair (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Madam-Saranair-Restaurant/209959602365239)
  • Le Isaan (https://www.facebook.com/LeIsaan/)
  • Papaya cafeteria (https://www.facebook.com/papayacafeteria/?fref=ts)

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Isaan food

Southern Thai restaurant Food

Spice, herb, and smell  are the reputed characters of Southern culinary style. In my experiences, not only the fresh marine, but also their spices are grouped as my memorable experiences travelling through the cities. It cannot be denied that the tourists’ destinations, Phuket, Krabi, and Phiphi Islands, are the central quartiers of marvelsous in any kinds of foods. I have just a bit experience in dining Southern styles. My dining experiences there had been explored with ”Mussamun Gai”, southern style curry with chicken, “Gaeng leung gai”, spicy and sour kumin soup with chicken, and “Moo Satey”, southern style grilled pork with clear vinegar and peanut sauce. I would like to ensure you is that the blend of Thai and Malaysian culinary culture can bring you explorations beyond your experiences with new typical Thai dining style.

Recommended Southern Thai restaurant in Bangkok on EZTABLE app

  • Prai raya (https://www.facebook.com/PraiRayaSukhumvit8/)

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Southern Thai Food

Traditional Central Thai restaurant

Once Thai foods have been known in public, the traditional central Thai dining style have been exported the world as one of the finest styles of dining occasion. Central Thai food are represented all the delicate preparing processes, enrich taste, and beautiful decoration.  With the affluent selections of ingredients and creative preparing processes.  Thai ancients created enormous recipes over the centuries. Creamy, rich, and sense of Thai are incomparable to any other. -Thai dining experiences can pave you to immerse yourselves in the culture I’m most proud of. “Gaeng-ped Ped-yang”, grilled-duck red curry with lychee, grapes, and pineapple, ”Tomkha gai”, coconut chicken soup with galangal, and “Mee-grob” crispy noodle with coconut sugar and lime sauce, are the menu that I’d like to recommend you once you are in these Thai restaurants.

Recommended Traditional Central Thai restaurant in Bangkok on EZTABLE app

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Thai Curry

Thai food is always my favorite choice and always recommended to my colleagues, friends, and you. After dining some Thai food here, you will surely understand and resonate to all the things I’ve mentioned here. With that said, enjoy dining with us, with EZTABLE.


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