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The fantastic Nightlife in Bangkok

八月 11 2016 Published by under EZ心情, 飲食文化

Have you ever wondered why Bangkok is so fascinating to tourists and full of fun experience on living? Bangkok or “Krungthep Mahanakorn", the capital city of Thailand, the name in Thai means “the City of Angel” was also recently named as one of the top ten cities in the world for visitors by influential travel publication Travel + Leisure.


With a very extended & well reputation about Bangkok, one of major activities you can do while visiting Bangkok is to explore a nightlife. Thus, a today topic, I will walk you to one of the-must- visit Bangkok’s nightlife places for those who have no idea when visiting Thailand.  Let’s check this place out!




If you are searching a place where to chill out with your group of friends or making up a schedule to a gone wild party venue during the weekend I recommend you to Khao Sarn Road. Khao Sarn Road can be an alternative place for the nightlife lovers as described as “EAST Meets West”. This area is also the very well-known place among tourists and local.


The nightlife in Khao Sarn won’t let you down. Along the road you will see pub & restaurants, street food, local cloths shops, Thai massage and night clubs. The highlighted activity that must do is to eat Pad Thai after the party’s end, the Pad Thai food stalls are every corner where of Khao Sarn Road and  available for you to try the very yummy Pad Thai with a various kind of noodle choices. You can grab a Pad Thai order and eat on the pedestrian served well with beer. It’s Simple and down to earth, but fun because while eating you have a chance to make friends with other who sit next to you and share many of your interest topics together, this experience may not be served in class or school, some chapters they even not existed on the book theories. Most conversation with new friends are likely about the travel experience, the way of other people thinking, singing out loud or things that can draw you attention till a dawn of a new day.


Don’t even believe on what I said till you ever experience! Life is too short to wait for any undone dream come true.




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