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Within 2.30 hrs. from the capital city of Thailand to the well-known seaside resort called “Hua Hin”. You will be fascinated with long seaside, fresh seafood, and street night market to the luxury spa.


Since 1920s the Thai royal family built the summer palace in the north of Hua Hin city and a royal residence remain until now. Hua Hin became popular among the high class Thai resident to enjoy their vacation till now. Thailand famous resort earned its reputation to the world in 1980s, when the luxury hotels and the international chains locate their properties in Hua Hin.


Top 3 things you should not miss in Hua Hin!!!


Hua Hin Beach: 5 kilometres white sand beach to relax and feel the sea breeze. Riding a pony on the beach is one of famous activity that you should not miss. Together with numerous seafood stalls and restaurants to fulfil your feast with fresh seafood from the fisherman villages located at the end of the beach.

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Phra Ratchaniwet Mrigadayavan: The summer palace built in 1924, surrounded with beautiful garden and stunning sea view. The palace was designed by King Rama VI using teakwood. The spectacular palace composes of connecting halls forming a shaded ground level boardwalk and corridor to the seafront.

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Hua Hin Night Market: Located at the centre of Hua Hin town begins from Phetchkasem Road to the train station. The market goes lively at night filling with delicious food stalls and local handicrafts souvenirs. Foods are freshly cooked ranging from padthai, seafood, varieties of Thai dessert and not to forget; mango with sticky rice. The buzz starts from 6 pm till around midnight every night.  

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How to get there

Bus Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

From 07.30 am to 07.30 pm

269 THB per person

Online booking: http://www.airporthuahinbus.com/

Bus from Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal

From 04.00 am to 10.20 pm

Tel: +662-8846192


Train from Bangkok Hua Lam Phong Station

From 08.05 am to 10.50 pm

Website: http://www.railway.co.th/

More Information: www.tourismthailand.org



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