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Fascinating Southern Thailand

八月 16 2016 Published by under EZ心情

We can’t deny saying that the South of Thailand has many interesting places to visit and immerse, especially Phuket and Koh Samui in Surat Thani province.


Let’s start at Phuket, Pearl of Andaman.


Traveling from Bangkok to Phuket by car or bus is not such a convenience to reach there. I definitely recommend always by airplane because of the distant condition, about 840.5 km. It can take you there within only 1.20 hour between Bangkok and Phuket. Once you are in Phuket, try to check these out — Prompthep Cape Viewpoint, Big Buddha, Soi Bangla (as everyone know in Patong, night life), Phuket Fantasea and also the popular restaurants here !


Ko Samui is the ideal island destination through the Gulf of Thailand. Samui is easily accessible. With the fine and beautiful beaches and varieties of activities, for instance Samui Aquarium with Tiger Show, Namuang Waterfall, Hin Ta Hin Yai, Ladyboy Cabaret shows and etc. Flying to Ko Samui in just 1.10 hour from Bangkok is incomparable to others like bus or car. The minimum you lost in exploring there, experiences might take 10 times more, around 11 hours. Then, you have to take a ferry across to Ko Samui which I don’t recommend.




South of Thailand is one of my agreeable destination one with any special occasion. Having been there once, you can deeply understand why I’m proudly to suggest you mine. Of course, the perfect combination of seafood and southern Thai style dishes will be remarked in your experience.

But!!!  Be careful about the spicy condition, anyway.

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 EZTABLE TH., Claire

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