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Gapet – Indonesian Roasted Chicken and Duck

一月 05 2017 Published by under EZTABLE Thailand

September 2016 I visited Bali and went for a restaurant hunt. I came to Kayu Aya area and found this restaurant Gapet. The owner was there and he recommended me Chicken Satay.


And so the food came and he said to me to try the satay without the peanut sauce first then taste the difference with the sauce. Oh my! The flavour of the meat burst in my mouth, the meat itself is already rich with flavour, it is somewhat salty and sweet. Next I tried it with the peanut sauce. The sauce is great but I prefer eating it without the sauce, so I could savour the rich flavour of the meat and I’m one happy girl 😀 This is the best chicken satay I’ve ever eaten so far in my life. Not sure if there’s any satay which worth comparing with its flavour.


The owner is really nice, he gave me a trial of the Betutu Roasted Chicken and Woku Roasted Chicken. He said they are his own recipe and made only with local grown herbs. Well, I should say that the flavour match the description he was explaining. Every dish were rich in flavour with different character to each one. It represents local flavour from all around Indonesia. This restaurant sells chicken and duck and they could be presented in 10 different flavour character, 2 of them which I tried were Betutu (Balinese local dish) and Woku (Manado local dish).


If you are in Bali and looking for some authentic Indonesian flavour, make sure to check out Gapet Restaurant in Seminyak area. You will not regret! I highly recommend the chicken satay. Should you choose to grab a bargain, make sure to Pre Pay Gapet IDR100.000 voucher from EZTABLE app and get a free Wedang Uwung (drink) at the restaurant. You can check it out from this link:

Or just book online through Gapet tripadvisor page:


By Thailand Olivia Lorraine

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Let You Know More…EZTABLE Thailand

十二月 20 2016 Published by under EZTABLE Thailand

Nowadays, doing business across different nations is increasingly common

throughout the world. Many countries pay attention to Thailand as an attractive

market in Asian, and there are a number of foreign businesspeople would like to run

business here. EZTABLE is one of them! So I think telling stories of the places, people

and cultures will make you know EZTABLE Thailand a little better.



EZTABLE Thailand is located downtown Bangkok. Speaking of the name "Bangkok" in

Thai, it is what Thai people call "Krung Thep" or "Krung Thep Mahanakorn" in formal.

Although everyone knows that Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand, not everybody

knows the actual name of this city yet.



The full name of Bangkok is:

Krungthepmahanakhon Amonrattanakosin Mahintharayutthaya

Mahadilokphop Noppharatratchathaniburirom

Udomratchaniwetmahasathan Amonphimanawatansathit


This translates to:

City of angels, Great city of immortals,

Magnificent city of the nine gems, Seat of the King,

City of royal palaces, Home of gods incarnate,

Erected by Visvakarman at Indra's behest

It is the longest city name in the world!!!



To know more about Thais…

Nearly 70 million populations, Thai society consists of people who share a rich ethnic

diversity, mostly influenced by two great cultural systems of Asia, Chinese and

Indian, and come from Thai ethnic groups as well. More than 90% of Thais believe in

Buddhism as it is a national religion. Many traditions and beliefs of us stem directly

from Buddhist principles.

In term of working environment, Thailand team makes a workplace feel like home.

Here, people welcome you as you are, and we try to be better together everyday. As

I have to coordinate and work with colleagues, I mean with all major operations,

who are quite dissimilar in many aspects such as nationalities, languages,

educational backgrounds and work experiences, it might have the limitations

between different cultures as it shapes our values, behaviors and communication

styles. To learn and understand each other is a key to make works flow smoothly and



Though we speak and write Thai, English is more common as a second commercial

language because there are many foreigners visit Thailand. It often used and

understood widely in cities, specifically in Bangkok. I am sure this is not going to be a

problem working with Thailand team. However, so-and- so ask me how to be polite

of speaking Thai, I have to say just saying “krap” (for men) and “ka” (for women) at

the end of almost every sentence. This will show your respect to the listener. For

example, when you bump into someone on the street, saying only “kor tod” (sorry) it

would be slightly rude. But if you say “kor tod krap/ ka” to them instead, it sounds

better. Remember that both “krap and ka” are untranslatable, but they are

absolutely indispensable in speaking Thai.

Characteristic and Behavior:

Regarding Thai cultural background, we defined ourselves as collectivists, so the

social harmony and relationship is necessary. We are taught to depend on one

another and help others. If we do good deeds to other people whenever they need

assistance or support, we will receive good and be helped in return. It is the same as

the way we work. We put emphasis on relationships between people and prefer

working as a group. For instance, whenever we have to decide something, we would

like to have a decision making process as a whole team, not only by individual. And

this is good because everyone agrees with the same points which make us achieve

goal as we expected together.

Thinking and Communication Style:

Thais believe in “kreng jai” which implies like caring for others more than caring

oneself. Actually, this concept means to avoid any clash that might be hurt others’

feelings and lead to negative results. That is why we always focus on the importance

of face-saving, concern about what others think, and do not want to create personal

conflicts in the relationship with people. Due to working in the international

company, Thailand team has adapted ourselves in order to share ideas and express

what we think, what we like or what we do not want, but still in an appropriate way

and well-mannered with everyone.

All of these are the cultural identity and elements that are uniquely Thai. Keeping an

eye and mind open will make you enjoy learning the attitudes of other cultures, and

also discover the way to accept people and get along with them without troubles, or

at least helping us minimize barriers between each other and work together



EZTABLE Thailand

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The Importance of Breakfast

十二月 12 2016 Published by under EZTABLE Thailand

A number of people skip their breakfast to lose their weight, but it’s not a good idea. To skip meals, particularly breakfast, may make their weight control more difficult. The people who always skip their breakfast may eat more food than the normal portion at their lunch, or eat high calorie snacks over the hungry.



The people who do not have breakfast may have a number of easier snacks during the period contained a number of sugar, fat, and high cholesterol. The researchers of Harvard medical’s school confirmed that men and women who always have breakfast can be fat harder than people who skip breakfast.


In addition, the researchers of MIT medical’s school found that the people who always skip their breakfast can be fat easier than the people who have breakfast in 450 %.  It is interesting to know that the group of women who have breakfast with high calories than other meals can lose their weight easier. And, 78 % of people who can lose their weight can remain their weight by just having breakfast every day. The answer to respond the question that why breakfast can lose weight still discuss in medical speaking.



The best period to have your breakfast is between 7am and 9am because your sac can start to work in its full capacity.


Nevertheless, we know that breakfast can reduce all day hungry feeling. However, the quality and the quantity of breakfast are very important that we have to set a balance of nutrition.


How breakfast is important? The nutritionists said that at least 4 reasons why your healthy meal should be started with a good breakfast:


Five-a-day: it means that five of fruits and vegetables a day are recommended for better meals. Many studies show that people who always have varieties of fruits and vegetables have a lower risk rate of cancer, heart and chronic diseases. Especially, orange juice is a very good choice for healthy breakfast because it contains huge sources of vitamin c.


A bowl of cereal: to start your breakfast with cereal will give you more likely nutrients you need. Cereals are fortified with vitamins and minerals, folic acid included. It links to a lower risk of colon cancer and heart disease.


Start with fiber: the nutritionists said that we need fiber at least 25 to 30 grams a day.  American people have only 13 grams in average, It may lead to heart disease, though.  Scientists of Harvard University found that women who ate fiber 23 grams a day had 23% less to have heart attacks than the people who consumed 11 grams.



Filling up your meal with fiber: one reason to support this idea is the fact that high-fiber food can fill you up on fewer calories because fiber slows the digestive processes. That’s important for breakfast because it can be turned off hunger pangs slower than others.


Undeniably, we realized before the benefits of breakfast. That I mentioned the facts and reasons above is just encourage you to remind and avoid yourselves in any excuses of officers’ behaviors with commuting and timing conditions from your healthy priority. I hope that the classic cliché “You are what you eat” can change yours to energized morning tomorrow with qualified breakfast one.


Sources :


Samart Buakaew,ID 252



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