my first month as a EZTABLE team

八月 09 2016 Published by under EZTABLE 活動

This is my 3rd week as a EZTABLE team , started to work in Bali. I fall in love at the first sight with the Indonesia team ( Yessica, Williams , Monaldi and Mario ) , they were super nice people.


We work together as a team to achieve our goals , it is not easy but with the team work I’m sure we can do our best.


We do love Bali and Bali is one of the romantic island, on our busy day with the acquisition we feel refresh when we can see beautiful scenery or sunset in our acquisition time.


I present to you one of the nice restaurant with the romantic tent that have been signed with us 🙂



If you guys have any chance to visit Bali please try to book this tent and get the best sunset view here…..


Camelia Wisabda

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